Friday, October 25, 2013

Crossing T's and Dotting I's before "Te Busque" officially begins

I don't have all of the detail necessarily worked out for the story I plan on gearing for future publication.

I have made enough progress in the character sketches and the previous storylines that I want to take inventory with this next entry.

Between my two notebooks dedicated to the Rasumusen twins (Scarlet & Ruby) and Amber, I probably only have enough material for 10 typed pages :-P

That being said, I've established several key points.
Scarlet and Ruby's backstory is pretty clear. Scarlet more than Ruby, who I likely will only develop a couple more pages for before she stages her own escape from their Hell.

One where she finds the reason to "stage" the escape, and the escape itself.
If I were to get really adventurous, I could do a couple chapters of her working at strip clubs pole-dancing before reuniting with her sister.

Said reunion likely isn't too far away either.

I haven't gotten a handle on what accent I want her to have, but I've officially introduced Talia into my world.
She came to the restaurant afterhours to discuss her business proposition with the Montiels (whenever any of the girls refer to them in their narration, they call them "the brothers").

It might be something I tweak later on, but when she met Scarlet, she ended up telling her what happened. That her stepfather embezzled the money in her family's savings account and how she couldn't believe she didn't see him for who he was. Even went as far to say that he told her she was the only person he'd sleep with.
She thinks its crazy and unconventional, but Scarlet ends up telling her all about herself.

This degree of openness is what starts to put a wedge between Scarlet and Amber (still Carmen at this point).
Scarlet and Talia find themselves to be kindred spirits, bonding over the fact they want to overcome difficulties they've experienced in their pasts. And talking about it will help them heal and move forward.

Carmen, on the other hand, has refused to come forth with what happened in her past. Her method of copying is avoidance and pretending none of it happened, therefore denying it in the first place. Scarlet is the kind of person who needs to heal by talking about it.

..I'm still kinda worried that Talia's backstory won't be convincing/believable enough :(
It wasn't as if she was forced to do anything against her will and physically harmed...
it might come to the point that I really won't allude to it in my main body of work.

What will be clear is that Talia doesn't trust men enough to allow herself to fall in love... even though that's something she desperately craves. And everyone else around her believes she's not allowing herself to experience love, afraid to break out of this pattern she has herself in... believing deep down, she's unhappy with her life.

Meanwhile, Carmen's 17th birthday is drawing near and she wants to take that opportunity to tell Alejandro how she feels about him as well as introduce the idea of dancing to bring extra business to the restaurant (which is getting closer to being a bar with this change-over/renovation).
I also added her making a comment about her window of opportunity closing and freaking about the possibility of someone "swooping in at the last minute" to steal him away... I might do away with that sentence because the fact it's exactly what happens... that's a little too coincidental to be believable.

It's also mildly pushing it that, up until this point, she'd been sick in bed... explaining how this is the first time she'd seen Talia.
I haven't explained why/how that was Alejandro's first experience with Talia... what's his damn excuse? :-P

Vanessa's also there, but I haven't made any steps to explain her backstory. Still kinda figuring how I want to play that. All I have done so far, for sure, is "she's strapped for cash" so Talia wanted to give her a hand.

Scarlet meets with Carmen, who's visibly upset... with the dialogue, I wanted to get across that Carmen's upset they "stole" her idea to dance for their business... not that she's upset that he's more interested in Talia than her. Because he told her that he'd take her out after she got over her illness... if it'd been 2-3 weeks, it has to be something like mono (don't know who she would have kissed and gotten it from) or pneumonia.

Her thoughts on the dancing were pretty judgmental. Quoting Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" (which is the song that they did the number to), "she was moving her body around like a nympho"... that's how she put it to Scarlet. In the narration, she called her a "slut" and "bitch"... one quote was pretty relentless, went kinda far so I scratched some of it out...
"at least when I dance, I don't make a spectacular of myself like a piece of ass primed for fucking"...

I'm not usually one for cursing, but that's not why I took that back... it seemed a little too harsh and would push her friendship with Scarlet onto the rocks faster than I would like

I'm not exactly sure how the two manners of dance are any different... maybe it's because Talia has zero inhibitions when she dances, so that comes off to Carmen as slutty... maybe it reminds her a little much of stuff in her own past.
She also isn't jazzed about the idea of them moving like that because it would have men believe they're only there for titillation... her experiences have her believe in that fashion.

I also left Talia talking to Alejandro, her starting to smile, leaving Carmen feeling all the more threatened.
Even after where I ended the my last page of the write-up, I realized that I might have jumped the gun a little bit.

Talia only just found out the truth about her stepfather a short time ago, so jumping right into a date with Alejandro would be too soon.

The following are the scenes I have left to write before the story can officially begin (not necessarily in this order):

  • "Showtime"- Talia getting ready to meet Alejandro for their date, only to find him messing around with another girl (my latest idea is that this is an anecdote Scarlet tells Emilia to explain why Talia and Alejandro aren't together)
  • Ruby (1)- a scene where she realizes she needs to put an end to her father's terror
  • "Blown Away"- Ruby calling the cops and staging her father's death with her getting away on self-defense
  • (montage)- Talia finding girls who dance who can contribute to their escort service and them quitting after Carmen (now Amber) pulling the strings
  • (possibly)- a few chapters of Ruby working as a pole-dancer and stripper before the reunion
  • "Love Game"- Carmen plans to come to an audition, but the entry before her is Ruby... who clearly steals the show
  • "Just Dance"- Carmen's defunct audition... Alejandro suggests she come back, but realizing she's out of her league, she has to change her name and come back under her new persona "Amber"
So, really, I don't have much left to cover in the prequel portion of this project.
I have lots of space left in my composition notebooks, but they could be used for further characterization studies as well as choreography notes :shrug: I'm sure I'll find plenty of use for them.

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