Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jonas & Nina take on "The Phantom of the Opera"

A couple years after I finished "Jonas," I had an idea for a potential sequel.
The main plot involved him trying to find his twin sister, whom he just found out he had through reoccurring dreams/nightmares.

It took place maybe 1-2 years after the original story. I think Jonas and Nina were juniors in high school, whereas they were freshmen in the original work.
At first, it was about following up with these characters, seeing where they'd gotten since the previous story.

The only huge change was that Jonas was a little more open and involved in school,
...and I ended up giving Eric a new personality, making him a better person than he was in the previous story.
Ultimately, he became the boyfriend of Cecelia, a girl Jonas met in his community service at a homeless shelter... who he later finds out to be his twin sister.

My logic in the story isn't exactly tight. Neither is the writing for that matter :-P

Long story short, it got to a point where I needed something else to return momentum to my story.
Based it was a huge thing to me at that given time, I thought of incorporating "The Phantom of the Opera"...

It just seemed poetically fitting that Jonas would play the title character in the show. Despite the lengths he'd come in participating with his peers, he didn't want the extra attention that came with his notably remarkable singing voice (like Josh Groban-quality)...
trying out for the musical was his guardian's idea, encouraging him to show his friends his special talent...

sure, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense... doing this while keeping his identity a secret...
although the trick is getting the confidence to show it off so he'll be more at ease with revealing said identity.

...considering how things turned out, I don't know how Jonas would have gone about it if it didn't go the way it did.
In other words, everyone found out accidentally during the second night of the show.

I'm going into this entry after covering the 2004 film adaptation in my movie blog:

I figured I'd go into the details here about how I covered it in one of my stories.
Obviously, because I was so in love with the movie, the musical followed some of the same routes. But I added my bit of poetic license at the end, which I think might have been the original ending in the novel... that the Phantom died of a broken heart when he sent Christine and Raoul away.

Hmm... I wonder how this would have panned out in other circumstances.... if the musical took place in the original story, that Nina played Christine and Jonas was the Phantom, and they hadn't officially met yet...

That'd be an interesting side-project... and somehow I get the feeling Jonas's extraordinary circumstances might not have a place... all of the stuff that eventually unfolds might make things a little too convoluted... perhaps one day I'll take this even further and see what works in the story and what doesn't.
Things probably would end up a lot differently... or at least play out differently.

They might have gotten to know each other a tiny bit throughout this time, but when he's unmasked, she'll make a comment like "I think I always knew"...
didn't Princess Leia say that in "Return of the Jedi?" lol

A million possibilities.

As for the version I wrote, the cast was as follows:

The Phantom (EVERY night)- Jonas
Christine- (3 nights) Cecelia, (2 nights) Erin (a girlfriend of a member of Corey & Eric's band)
Raoul- (3 nights) Eric, (2 nights) Corey
Meg- (3 nights) Nina, (2 nights) Raquel (a new character I introduced in that story with whom Jonas developed a good relationship with)
Carlotta- Mai (gave no mention to who had the other nights)

because I'm so totally lame, I sought to it that all of my main characters got parts in the show.

Jonas went through great lengths to stay in character the entire time, even "made" the costume himself...
technically, he misused his "ancient' form...  he ages and his clothes change... a pseudo-tuxedo and a cape... I'm not entirely sure what age Jonaseriah would be if he were human... I'd imagine he'd be in his 20's or 30's...

He encouraged the other cast members to be the best they could be, gave them pointers, but maintained a fa├žade as if he really was the Opera Ghost.
He also went out of his way to make sure Cecelia was comfortable in her big role as Christine. Unfortunately, she misconstrued that as him having feelings for her.

The quality of writing, admittedly, isn't great, but all of my storylines did fit together...
either way, I'm not ready for anyone to see it unless I make some vast improvements.

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