Saturday, October 12, 2013

Introducing Talia- a work in progress

It's been a while since my last entry about this project.

When I last stopped, I:

  • resolved Scarlet's first major storyline... getting away from her abusive father (thanks to her twin sister Ruby's efforts)... and putting that part of her life behind her with encouragement from Carmen.
  • Carmen has been settling in at Casa Del Montiel with her new friends/roommates Misha and Michel. She aspires to be with Alejandro, but isn't ready to divulge to him her true feelings.
  • Ruby, meanwhile, takes the brunt of her father's abuse. And someday she will make her own getaway, but not before getting her revenge.
The next logical step is to introduce Talia.
The question is how.

I've played around with a few ideas for the past couples hours.
One of them is that there will be individual reactions. Rumors will float around within the "camp" about Talia. Scarlet will be the first one to actually meet her. Alejandro will see her for the first time when she's performing "Maneater" in a rehearsal. Scarlet and Vanessa will be her back-up. Then Carmen will walk in during this performance, looking for Alejandro (who didn't show up for what would be their first date) and will be devastated when she sees how much he's paying attention to Talia and not her.

Another idea is that Talia and Vanessa will come in together as a package deal.
Vanessa just might be the only example of prostitution in the way most people think of it... girls who are under contract, sometimes kept on a tight leash because they're hooked on drugs...
I'm trying to figure out how much I want to push it, but either way, Talia saves Vanessa from the streets and finds a more suitable venue for her. It's also possible that Talia's stepfather was the person behind Vanessa walking the streets, but again, it makes it less plausible for Talia to think of starting an escort service because this would turn her off to the idea entirely.

How Talia saves Vanessa from the streets is the big question here.

Scarlet develops an amazing report with Vanessa and Talia right away, as if they were sisters that'd been separated their whole lives.

I haven't decided how heavy Talia's exotic accent is yet. But her image is becoming clearer.
She has rich brown hair. It's short, but not nearly as short as Scarlet & Ruby.
Her entire body is in proportion with none of her features being especially pronounced, with the exception of her height, which is around 5'9" (same as Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett on "Castle" and is one of my inspirational sources... ironically, Portuguese is not among the accents she can do :-P but that's okay)

The quality isn't very good, but I imagine something like this:

Roughly that length and possibly that color, but I'm not positive what specific shade of brown that is.
The biggest selling point about Talia is her charisma. Something about her makes all those around her fall in love with her... at least that's how it is when she first arrives.
*Years pass and she becomes less sure of herself as things become more routine for her. *Emilia's arrival reenergizes her, seeing as it's the first audition she'd personally sat at since Ruby.
*Two years pass. J.P. arrives and for all those around her (except for Amber and Alejandro, who have their own agendas), they see how this changes things for her. How JP presents to her something she'd been secretly wanting in her life for years and the way she carries herself changes dramatically. The tiniest cracks start to appear in her tough persona and as much as she tries to hide that, they're visible to those who know her best.

"Te Busque" officially begins around the time JP arrives. There are a few introductory scenes featuring the girls and Alejandro (as well as his complicated relationship with Talia).

One final note:
Just as Talia doesn't know the full extent of Amber's past until the 3rd act of "Te Busque," Amber knows very little about Talia's past... namely because she was too busy stewing about Alejandro to take the time to get to know her the way Scarlet and Vanessa have.

For now, I'll end things here.

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