Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting to Know Amber- Part 2

As of this entry, I just wrote my 8th entry. I wasn't making quite enough progress in the storyline where I had a lot of findings, so I postponed this entry. Plus, there's the fact I did 2 entries in a row this time last week :-P

...I couldn't help myself, okay?
(as if I have a hugely respective fanbase TO apologize to, lol)

I've learned quite a bit about Amber over these past couple days. Have not gone a single day without writing an entry and that's the important thing. Finding the will to write every single day. I haven't been able to muster that in ages... at least outside of my blogging.

Each day, I'd fill up an entire page of notebook paper with my latest entry.
Which I'm sure is roughly 200 words a day.
I believe Stephen King recommended 2500 words a day, but I could be wrong.

I decided that because there was only so far I could take this small cast of characters, it was time to bring Scarlet into the mix.
And had a couple more "light bulb" moments.

What if... given my most recent supposition that, just maybe, only a couple girls involve themselves in prostitution (Talia, Ruby, and Amber), part of the reason why Amber dislikes Ruby has to do with what Scarlet went through while worrying about her... freaking out over the first couple days after running away that she shouldn't have left her alone with their father... and the only thanks Scarlet got for worrying was following through with what their father did to them, as if it was right for him to treat them the way he did...

and after this entry, I got to thinking my next movie should be to move over to Scarlet. Writing her story as she's telling it to Amber.

As for the previous three entries, I have the following additions:

  • Alejandro was "reckless" and used to sleep with a different girl every night
  • Amber describes them as running together. Being "tall, blonde and skinny" and refers to them as skanks in passing (ala the narrative)
  • her friends' names are Michel and Misha. They were the first waiter and bartender Alejandro hired on his hiring jag.
  • He then promotes them to assistant managers, who take over for him when he's away, finishing up his schooling (I assume he's obtaining a bachelor's degree in business management or restauranturing)
  • Although he isn't the best student, he started to wrap his mind around the fact he needs to become more responsible with the restaurant (as Casa de Montiel is at this point in time)
While Alejandro is away, Amber moves in with Michel and Misha and they start teaching her Latin dancing

As for Amber herself

  • the samba is her favorite of the dances because, to quote Anna Kendrick in "Twilight," "it makes my boobs look good"
  • Dance has allowed her to feel more secure about herself, and especially her body, which used to be a source of ridicule for her
  • her legs still need work, but her arms move more naturally than they had before
  • after this, she gains the confidence to confess everything to the two guys, including her true age and her feelings for Alejandro
  • once again, Amber proves to be a compassionate individual in times of trouble when she puts herself out there to help Scarlet when she shows up
Most likely, the restaurant will evolve into a bar and/or club. The economy is starting to get bad... for whatever reason... not just there, but all over the city where this is taking place...
During a hiatus in business, while "the brothers" (Amber's way of referring to the Montiels) are regrouping and trying to figure out how not to lose profits and to keep the business afloat... she tells Alejandro (for whatever reason, he is hanging out with her rather than going back to his womanizing ways... at least not right away)

While listening to Amber talk about what she's been working on with Michel and Misha, Alejandro thinks that the place could get more business if they had entertainment on site.
This does not come to pass right away, mainly because they can't afford it at the moment. The staff is being cut back as was the menu, which got cut in half. for now, that's about it... up next will be going into Scarlet... hopefully I'll be able to do what I have been doing with Amber, writing every day, and it'll have a different feel so I can separate the two girls

Right now, the biggest question I have to answer is this:

-How much does their father inflict on Scarlet and Ruby? Is it 50-50, or is it more in one direction than the other?

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