Thursday, August 8, 2013

3 [possibly 4] stories vying for my attention/ commentary of "Bleach" in its latest

The possible 4th contender is my female warrior Cassandra, her beloved Princess Kaname Snow and her best friend (and love interest) Ren...

And Cassie is somewhat responsible for my current predicament.

After my last entry, I beseeched one of my LinkedIn groups for help editing "Jonas" and getting back to me with feedback.
I have since gotten two people interested in reading his story.

During Saturday night's coverage of "Bleach," I saw a potential light at the end of the tunnel... we just might have seen the last of Sosuke Aizen.
But I'm on the edge of my seat as to whether it really does mean the end of Ichigo's career as a substitute soul reaper... seeing as his use of the final Getsuga Tencho involves the absolution of his powers...

If that's the case, have all these other side story arcs take place BEFORE this final battle royale?
Where squad 3 had a new captain who planned to overthrow the hierarchy of the soul society because head captain Momomoto killed his father?
Where an old Zanpakto caused the rebellion of all other Zanpakto and we got to know them as their own characters?

Cuz that would really suck...
so if all doesn't work out, maybe Ichigo will regain his powers when his life as a human comes to its eventual end and he departs to the soul society... where he will grow up and join the academy with hopes of making one of the 13 court guard squads?

And we're only up to episode 310... there's 56 left and a couple more series... will all those be before this as well?

So anyway, this potential defeat brought me back to Cassandra... adding a couple more pages to that spiral notebook... only to realize almost all the pages are filled.
And in the back, I had written down some ideas for the upheaval of my white tiger's story... furthering it even more from InuYasha...

After rereading them yesterday in broad daylight, I've started reconsidering it.

All of this on the heels of the fact I'd hit somewhat of a road block with "Te Busque"...
Vanessa is proving somewhat difficult to place as to what her character brings to the story... if anything at all.

I'd even played with the idea of her not existing at all. That's why my third composition notebook doesn't have her name on it yet. Unlike Scarlet & Ruby and Amber, who are much better defined.

My biggest issue is that I'm not entirely convinced that Vanessa could/should go the distance as a VIP, one of the truly exotic dancers... not just in the choreography but the extracurricular activity.
I can't seem to get her motivation to stick.

I have an idea that her situation was similar to a character from "Dead Poet's Society," but without the unfortunate suicide at the end.
(I think what I made me REALLY hate the ending was that they pinned it all on the teacher, who was the only person who truly believed in him and supported him in what he wanted to do).

Vanessa comes from a good family, but they wanted her to have a good career so she'd be better off than they were. But she goes against this because she has more interest in dancing than becoming a doctor.
It's a little tricky because I don't quite know how far to push her in her convictions. How much does she want Talia's mindset about the business to change?

Right now I'm hitting a mental block because I don't quite know what the problem is.

I'd have started on Scarlet and Ruby's back story, but there's one thing I haven't determined:
how often did their father take advantage of them? did Scarlet only get it a couple times or was it as often as Ruby? do I want play up a certain angle with Ruby where she craves the attention as well as the negativity that comes with it? is she as much a sex addict as Talia has trouble giving up the full extent of her business because she believes it's the only talent she possesses... that she does it to feel needed by other people?

How much dissention, if any, exists between Scarlet and Ruby?

Too many unanswered questions.

Amber would be easier to start with, but she comes with her own set of questions.
Why was she bullied at the group home?
Who are the two boys I imagine her dancing with to songs like "Just Dance" (Gaga) and "I'm Just Sayin'" (Karmin)? Were they also at the group home? Her only friends there? Or did she meet them as street performers who eventually taught her how to dance?

Although it was the bane of her existence at the group home, she craves attention and always wants to be number one in everyone's book.
I wrote it in my notebook "motivation: to become the most desired "siren" so she can take charge and ruin Talia's reputation"... among other things

Ruby's motivation is a little more concrete and it's realized through "Heavy Metal Lover"
- "dreaming up the most spectacular routine in ALL aspects of the show and prove to Scarlet she can handle anything

I have zero motivation for Scarlet because she's a pretty consistent, well-rounded character.

For Talia I have: "because her stepfather screwed their business (and hers) out of money, she feels responsible for keeping their club afloat. Most of her earnings go to them early on to pay debts to vendors, staff and such. Then they go to renovations, better stage shows and so on." and quote "If I thought to see him for the loser he was, he never would have a chance at ruining your business"...

I also made a note that he was a "better than swindler than business person"...
makes it sound like he's a Bernie Madoff type of character...
that might be a  good angle.

you know it's time like these where I wonder how many people are reading this and whether I'd be better off just keeping a diary/journal of the latest thoughts in my creative process...

the latest with Cassandra was developing her relationship with Ren and how the princess seemed to be onto it... more perceptive about it than she is...
Cassandra is a very guarded individual with an insane drive, that sometimes goes beyond her physical capacity.
And also something about Ren making a case for another try at making the royal guard because he wanted to be nearby in case she needed him...
hmm... sounds kinda like Renji wanting to become Byakuya's lieutenant because he's Rukia's brother.

All I can say now is that I hope this is the end of Aizen... cuz it was absolutely ridiculous how overpowered and invincible he was this whole time... also seems kinda ridiculous that Ichigo is somehow the only person strong enough to defeat him...
because he's the son of a soul reaper and supposedly the only person who hadn't seen the power of Aizen's hypnotic Zanpakto, which has his foes seeing what he wants them to see, distorting reality itself.

I still haven't gotten over the fact Momo again was made a "casualty" of his violence.
Ever since he betrayed the soul society and her as his lieutenant, she'd been healing and trying to face facts.
Then in the first confrontation the soul reapers have with him, he's surrounded three to one and somehow manages to put her in the middle of the crossfire in his place...

yet I've given her a lot more slack than Rukia in my judgments because it feels like every time she's in battle, Rukia is overpowered by her foes... Renji's track record is only slightly better, but only slightly...
don't get me wrong, she's a great character, but I often question how powerful she really is as a soul reaper...

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your mind with these stories! Good luck. I hope your characters don't drive you crazy vying for your attention like this.