Friday, February 3, 2012

Chapter 4: what I have so far and the fear of conquering the rest

The rest of my life-- my non-writing life-- has been on hold for a very long time.
I worry that I'm never going to get over my own social anxiety, that I'm now owning it more than doing anything constructive to fix it.
Dialogue seems to be my biggest issue right now with this chapter. And strangely enough, I am STILL stuck in the first part of it: meeting the first three new characters for this chapter.

And even though I have said that if I got the chance to Hollywood-ize my story, Gary Oldman would be who could fill the shows of this guardian for my protagonist. It's just when I... that's a good word... I was going to say that "burly" seems to come to mind for this character. I was about to say that I think of him as being this middle-aged, tall, thick-set man with a charcoal beard & mustache... but maybe I'm thinking more of salt and pepper instead of charcoal. Charcoal is black right? With spectales that make him look very scholarly, but I could easily continue with that theme in what I said about Jonas explaining the several shelves of books in the den.
I don't know why I've stuck with his specific age for as long as I have. Does a man being 55 years old really make a difference in his descripton? I suppose burly is a good description for him. Peter can't be any more than 200-240 pounds, but I keep imagining him being thickset.

Dialogue is extremely tough for me and the part of the reason I haven't been able to leave this first part... okay, maybe 90% of the reason why I haven't been able to fix it. Nothing seems to work out perfectly. I would rather my readers make up their mind rather than me telling them what to think of people. Once or twice, there has been dialogue from Peter and Jonas that alludes to far too much.

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