Monday, December 12, 2011

Sparks fly whenever you smile, Taylor Swift

Last night was interesting to say the least. I went upstairs after watching the Giants beat the Cowboys in stunning fashion. Watched some animé and wrote 2 sentences for my story that I'll either call "Back to December" or "Blue Christmas." I've been adding a chapter every day this month until Saturday night when I was simply too tired (and then some thanks to a Christmas party we were at) I could have stayed up for ages working the next chapter when mentally, I wasn't up for it.

I like to believe sometimes that things happen for a reason and wouldn't break the same way if even the slightest detail changed.

I'm a big dreamer and that is also relevant to nighttime in dreamland. I write the more intriguing dreams down, the ones that beg for interpretation. But I have an entire document devoted to celebrity encounters. They got so frequent with specific individuals that they all have their own sections (roman numerals).
Although "encounters" might be too broad a denomination, I'm not always in these dreams.

The best of them come out of nowhere, are unexpected (well that's kinda the same thing really), and to the last detail, they are finite and so realistic that it felt like it was actually happening to me.

To the best of my knowledge, as it's been at least a good 2-3 hours since I woke up from the dream, this is a recollection of it. I figured it needed a blogger's touch and a lot more room to spin the yarn than just my Facebook status.

"Sparks fly whenever you smile, [Taylor Swift]."

I'm going with my mom and a couple relatives to a mall. They're holding auditions for The X-Factor and we wanted to come watch. We go into this large room. When you first enter, you see rows and rows of chairs for the people waiting. At the front of the these chairs is a table lined against the way with doors behind it, which I suspect go backstage or into individual dressing rooms. I believe I got wind that Taylor Swift was going to be there and that's why I came. No sign of her as of yet.
Little by little, rows of people are called a bit at a time to audition. I think the tables in the front are for registeration. After they're told to go, they go to the other end of the room, which is south-east from the waiting chairs (facing forward).

[already, I already kinda know that some things aren't exactly in order as they should be. First of all, who goes to X-factor auditions just to watch?]
I'm not sure why I was there, really. I was asked once or twice by people near me and my folks if I wanted to audition for the groups category. A bundle of nerves, I decide not to audition, but all the while, I keep telling myself, even demanding to myself that there's nothing to be nervous about, I don't need to be nervous.

[also wanted to clarify... these are "X-Factor" auditions? They look like American Idol auditions where they are doing the pre-lims... you know, like how they weed out people to see who's good enough (or bad enough) to make the live shows... and with "X-Factor", auditions are in a huge arena with a stage & audience.]
Most likely, there are at least 4-5 stands/set-ups for people to sing to judges before they're allowed to continue with the auditon process.

I'm not sure how much time passes, but I believe it's 2-3 hours later.

Flash-foward, we're in the parking lot, heading back to the car. I say aloud that I didn't get a chance to see Taylor . Someone in our party then asks if I want to go back to see if I can catch a glimpse of her. I agree and we start to rush back

[again, I kinda wonder why Taylor was there in the first place. Was she a guest judge, was she performing or just around the area?]

We go back to first room. Everyone's packing it in, a lot of the chairs are gone and the only people around are the stage crew. I take a deep breath and head to the registeration table. I don't know what came over me. My mind thought that this was something that could work very well. It happens in all the movies, moments like these.

I go see the people by the table. They all look at me, maybe 2-3 people. Then I start singing in an almost flawless imitation of Taylor Swift's song "Sparks Fly" which I had actually recorded myself singing to post on YouTube. I go through the first verse, everyone's looking my way, almost in shock. I think they think I sound really good or a lot like her. [I think earlier on in the dream, I was thinking about maybe an audition song, should I ever get the guts to try out for the shows in real life... although I consider Maroon 5 and that I sing to blend in to the records, this is the song I ended up picking]

As the chorus starts to kick in, a door behind the tables open. Taylor Swift emerges with her hair straightened, in civvy-like clothes. They're sweats, definitely not what she would wear onstage for her concerts. She's holding a few items, books.
She turns my way as I start singing "cuz I see sparks fly whenever you smile." I point at her on "you" and make my hands form a heart the way she often does in her shows (something she frequently does along with writing 13 on her hand every night). I change the one lyric from "green eyes" to her "blue eyes."

She smiles back at me, almost overcome with happiness and before I can finish that line, she throws her arms around me and I have to stop singing.
I believe she said that she was really touched by what I sang to her.

[but seriously, it was like something out of a movie. I start singing and that gets her attention and she emerges out of nowhere just to hear me sing... and to think, this would have been like several dreams before this where I'm elsewhere and don't return to the scene to see the celebrity I know is hovering around my subconscious... this time, I turn back and it pays off BIG time]

I ask her to sign an autograph, but it takes a while to find a random piece of paper. Then I ask to have a few pictures. She poses, but for whatever reason, she's kinda goofing around a bit and they don't come out very still or very clear. I ask my mom to take a picture of the two of us and all of these mascots come out of nowhere (kinda similar to the mascots from the KIA commericals, she called them in) and I don't think any of the pictures come out.

I think this is definitely something I could write a short story about to really give this the extra oomph that it needs. But all I can just say is WOW...
and all those interested, here's the YouTube video of me singing that song that I posted a good 2-3 monthsa go. It isn't the greatest rendition, but whatever. It seemed like a good idea at the time

the funniest thing is that I had this dream that day before her birthday... which is December 13th. I didn't even realize/remember that right away until I looked on my Facebook newsfeed this morning

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