Saturday, April 11, 2015

Talia's Playlist- A Work in Progress- Te Busque

It was a sunny Friday afternoon at the shorehouse. For the heck of it, I decided to take out my iPod and see if I could, hypothetically, put together a storyline of songs for Talia.
After all, "Te Busque" did begin with her. I'd spent so much time lately with my supporting characters (getting bigger roles all the time) that I wanted to be sure I didn't leave her out of the loop entirely.

I realized 20 something songs later that I have maybe 85% of my story figured out by now. I have my motivation for all my characters. I know their backstories pretty well. (Vanessa's the only wildcard I still have because the darkest thing in her past was a possessive/controlling boyfriend she was only together with for a short time... unless I draw it more, then I might be set, actually).

My go-to source of inspiration for her and the main storyline is Nelly Furtado's "Loose" album. Not surprisingly, it makes up the majority of my playlist.
The only track I didn't play was "Maneater" because it's a flashback sequence. Going back to when Alejandro first laid eyes on Talia and begin his quest to have her as his girlfriend.
And later on (the next day) I remembered I wanted to include "Outta my Head" by Daughtry as part of JP's mental dialogue. It's just a matter of placement.
That day I also realized that "Marry the Night" by Lady Gaga could be a great finale group number. Since that song is all about embracing your flaws just as much as your better qualities, it could be a good indication of her new direction that moves beyond straight up sex appeal.
  1. [act 1] Afraid- NF
  2. Showtime- NF
  3. Promiscuous- NF
  4. Oops... I did it again- Britney Spears~
  5. Outta My Head- Daughtry
  6. No Hay Iqual- NF
  7. Mannequin- Britney Spears
  8. Extraordinary Girl- Green Day [end act 1]
  9. [act 2] Telephone- Lady Gaga
  10. Te Busque- NF
  11. Dance in the Dark- Gaga
  12. I like it Rough- Gaga~
  13. Paper Gangsta- Gaga
  14. Wait for you- NF
  15. Say it right- NF
  16. Do it- NF
  17. All good things come to an end- NF [end act 2]
  18. [act 3] Whatshername- Green Day
  19. Monster- Gaga
  20. Alejandro- Gaga
  21. Bad Romance- Gaga~
  22. Princess of China- Coldplay w/Rihanna
  23. Te Busque (reprise) [end act 3]
  24. [epilogue] Marry the Night- Gaga
Of course, not EVERY song will be directly featured in the story. The Britney Spears track (and others I marked with a ~) will merely serve as inspiration, although I don't know if Talia would be that cruel to joke about being such a good actor that the guys fall in love with her.

It feels like whenever male song choices come up, they're companion pieces to songs that fit Talia's current mindset. So I figure that Daughtry track would fit really well: JP being lovestruck while Talia is mocking the notion of love.
"Mannequin," however strange it comes off, does not deter him and he can only think how Talia is an "Extraordinary girl"

Then it fits that after they say their goodbyes when Talia breaks things off, JP will wander about looking Talia, having not seen her since she broke up with him and can't seem to move on.

Two huge questions remain that my album collection can't seem to answer at this point:

1) Scarlet and Vanessa use "Telephone" to try to distract Talia from her guy troubles and to make her feel better. I picture it starting to work, but something sets her off and she leaves them... need to figure out what that is
2) What else other than JP saying he will wait forever for her convinces Talia to give him a chance? Further, what information about her is exchanged between him and Vanessa? on their "date" that she sets up to check him out for Talia and give an opinion.

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