Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Emilia's episode- 3 parts

Brainstorming this while lying in bed this morning...
this is a very pivotal, tricky scene in the story... so much so that it needs to broken into three parts

1. A guy approaches Emilia after the show while Amber and Ruby are fighting and Vanessa tries to mediate/he asks her to have a drink with him/when they get outside, he leads her through the alleyways and attacks her/he was the guy with Talia in the same alley that she interrupted/JP shows up and saves her

2. JP takes Emilia to Talia's place at her request/he has a preliminary look at her but insists they get a more practiced physician/Alejandro shows up just after the doctor arrives/the exam goes well and JP takes his leave, Talia's appreciative and grateful to him

3. Talia and Alejandro reconcile

  • Amber and Ruby get into a heated argument
  • Ruby asks "what'd I ever do to you to make you hate me so much?"
  • Amber, again, refuses to answer
  • Vanessa separates them, saying it might be better for them to sleep it off because emotions are high
  • Ruby refuses, saying that she deserves an answer
  • Amber rolls her eyes, finally saying that this was her chance to impress Alejandro now that he's no longer under Talia's spell and she made that impossible
  • meanwhile, a guy gets backstage, saying Emilia was great and wants to know if she'd be interested in going somewhere they can talk
  • he takes her down the street at first and then drags her towards an alley where he starts to feel her up
  • she asks what he's doing and his tone changes: finishing what I started the other night with Talia... and you look good enough to eat
  • she tries to remove his hands at first, but he changes tactics, slapping her so hard that she falls to the ground and he forces himself on her
  • she calls for help, screaming bloody murder until he crushes her mouth with his hand
  • JP hears and rushes to her rescue. he pulls a knife on his throat and demands he gets lost
  • JP asks if she's okay and says he'll take her to a hospital... she says "no, take me to Talia... I need to..." then she passes out
  • JP hammers at Talia's door. "I'm here with Emilia. She's been hurt really badly." Scarlet, wearing a mask over her nose and mouth, opens the door, gasping: "Emilia! Come in, you put her in my bed, I'm not using it right now"
  • Talia comes to her side, stroking her bangs. the rest of her body is still shaking. "I heard her screaming as I was leaving from my latest gig. Pulling a knife on the guy was enough motivation to make him get lost"
  • Scarlet gives Talia a number to call for the doctor
  • while Talia makes the call, Scarlet explains to JP that this doctor helped her in a similar situation years ago
  • Alejandro shows up during the doctor's examination, Talia's in the other room with him and Emilia
  • Scarlet says "It's not a good time, Alejandro. Talia's in there for the doctor looking at Emilia. JP brought her here after someone attacked her"
  • "Oh my god... everything got so heated with Ruby and Amber. Vanessa insisted she could defuse the situation, so I left. I completely forgot. I should have there to at least walk her home"
  • the doctor gives her a clean bill of health, but won't know all the results until he runs a few tests for STDs
  • JP goes in with Scarlet and Alejandro looking on. "Everything's going to be okay, Emilia. You're safe now."
  • She manages "thanks to you..."
  • as he's on his way out, Talia calls after him "Juan Paulo?" he turns around "thank you. I don't think I'll be able to repay you. You saved her life."
  • He shrugged it off, "you know, always trying to do the right thing."
  • Scarlet's sleeping on the couch, where she had the past few nights
  • Emilia's sleeping and Talia's at her bedside, stroking her head.
  • Alejandro asks "Talia, may I sit up with you?"
  • she nods, unable to answer at first, then says "what brings you at this hour?"
  • "you missed a great show, you know, at least it was great until the arguing started. Amber was very upset when she found Ruby entered in Scarlet's place. She told me this was a moment she was really looking forward to"
  • "I never should have let Emilia go with her. She only looks out for herself and this is what happens because of it"
  • "hey, I can shoulder some of the blame here. I encouraged both of them to do this thing. Emilia enjoyed herself tonight with this new jazz routine and Amber helped coach her. I should been there later on to at least walk Emilia home. You blame me for everything anyway, have since the day I met you." he tries to laugh it off, but she doesn't follow
  • "I'm going to give Amber a talking to later. now I can only blame myself, disappearing like this. everything must be suffering without me"
  • "Everything's been well, actually. I've seen Amber at rehearsal with Emilia and the others. They were loving her new ideas and creatively, she's really come into her own."
  • "You actually sound excited..."
  • "I like it when a girl can be themselves. But what about you and this guy, Juan Paulo? The way you spoke about him and the way you looked at him just now... I know you like him"
  • "I think you're mistaking gratitude for having feeling for him"
  • "Talia, I've never seen you look at anyone that way. Something's still here. I think you know well enough to understand that."
  • She gives in.
?- how she comes up with the idea to step up the ruse for Amber

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