Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Feeable Attempt at Summerizing

If I wanna be technicial for a second, writing became my hobby December 8, 1999 after having a dream that begged to be explained. Why was the subject in a hospital bed? How did he get there? Who is with him? What ultimately resulted was a series of fanfiction that, believe it or not, I'm still writing, although given the time I spent in the real world, college, etc, my attempts have slacked over the years. Yet he still loves me after all this time.
Per my own words, obviously.

A discussion about teenage suicide in my 10th grade health class and however little I knew of J.R. Chandler of "All my Children" fame resulted in my first quasi-original work. To this day, after changing the set-up of the storytelling and the point of view from 3rd to 1st, it remains in the editing bay. It's a difficult subject to write about without it sounding autobiographical. I have experienced my doubts of depression over the years, but no matter how realistic the climax may sound, I hope the day comes where the people I know best can look upon it and trace the thoughts of angst back to me.

I date my writing back to March of 2003 for a reason. It was when I found my voice in my own words. What people would call originality. That isn't to say that I may have tweaked and borrowed elements from my biggest influences, but every facet of the story itself is entirely my own.
This is also the reason I listed Hayao Miyazaki as one of my writing influences. To this day, I still consider his masterpiece "Spirited Away" as the last puzzle piece I needed to create my main character. For a while before that, I entertained the idea of my own epic battle between good and evil where elements of nature played a key role.

Not even an hour (or so my memory tells me) after seeing that movie, I wrote my prologue and the result was nothing short of magical. It takes place in an unspecified time long ago. My original draft flouted not only creationism but evolution as I explained that my villian wiped out the dinosaurs, he and his adversery having some sort of humanoid form. For the sake of simplicity, I left the time unspecified and non-descriptive.
It begins with one of the biggest clich├ęs in the book: the world was at peace until someone disrupted the balance of nature. In recent revisions, it erupts into so much more than that. All forms of life died and the earth was breaking apart.
Then enters our hero, who I originally drafted with the description "great angel prince." But over time, he just became a pure-hearted angel whose soul was purest of souls to contrast with my sorcerer, who was the epitome of evil.
The epic duel goes down, good triumphs over evil. I go back to the elements in nature that I named in the first sentence and give them physical form. Pegasuses (winged unicorns, horned pegasuses, whatever) and dragons seemed to be a good fit, so I ran with it as well as the pure-hearted angel having a gem within him that was the main source of that element on earth. The rest was history, magic off my fingertips. And I didn't see my angel being around much longer, sarcifices himself to save the world and in case evil should return, the five creatures combine their powers to reincarnate him.

Which brings us to the present.

First off, I'm going to end (talk about a paradox) with a not-so fun fact about my posting. I tend to like to have one complete thought to post so when something is gathering dust on my clipboard for a while, it's hard to pick up where I left off.
Little by little, I'll use the next entries to introduce more of the storyline and the characters, but I think I can safely start with the original intention of this place: promoting my characters and the world they live in. Not too different from ours, except there are occurrences of magic, existences of mythical creatures and occasionally the angel's voice will linger in the wind in little more than a whisper.

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